Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels absorb the sun rays and allow you to efficiently generate electricity for your home or business, and simultaneously get paid for producing electricity. A Solar PV System consists of various different components; solar panels, an inverter, a meter and your existing consumer unit. Everyday the sun gives off light, even when its cloudy, and PV cells on the panels turn the light into DC electricity. This then flows into an inverter which converts it to AC electricity so it is then ready to use.

The current is then fed through a meter (which records how much electricity you generate) and into your homes consumer unit. Your system automatically uses the free electricity you have generated, and any electricity you don’t use is exported to the national grid for others to use. There are many benefits to having a Solar PV System fitted to your property. Not only do you get to use electricity for free, but you get paid to do so. This is called the Feed In Tariff.

Why Buy Solar?

Protect yourself from constant rising energy costs, and in some cases eliminate your electric costs altogether

Due to the Feed In Tariff, fantastic returns in investment can be achieved (up to 15% per year)

Get paid for generating and using electric

Sell excess energy back to the national grid

Make a difference to the environment by cutting down your carbon foot print

Minimal maintenance and non-intrusive installation


Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) are what some people call Clean Energy Cash, which is TAX FREE

It is a scheme that has been put in place to pay people for creating their own “green energy”

This can be sourced by renewable energy or heat

The tariffs were introduced by the Government, in 2010, to help increase the level of renewable energy in the UK

The Government has a legally binding target to be 15% renewable energy by 2020 (which was previously calculated at less than 2% in 2009)

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